TaxiLite! A better way to hail a cab.


Hailing a taxicab just got easier and safer with TaxiLite. TaxiLite features a bright flashing LED which can be seen for over three city blocks. Designed to fit easily in pocket or purse, TaxiLite is convenient and simple to use.

There’s no need to step into traffic with TaxiLite; simply hold TaxiLite up and let its powerful LED bring the taxi to you! You stand safely back on the curb, away from passing vehicles.

Visible up to one third of a mile, taxicabs will see you easily and quickly, and have time to safely move through traffic to your location. No more last minute sightings and sharp turns through traffic, no more missed cabs, no more stepping out into the flow of traffic!

  According to TaxiLite President Howard Lippin, “TaxiLite has been well received by cab drivers in New York City. Drivers have told me that TaxiLite will be a big help to them, especially at night and in poor weather.”

TaxiLite works just as well in daylight, increasing your visibility on a crowded street. Especially effective in poor weather, TaxiLite’s bright light shines through rain, sleet, and

snow. No need to put your umbrella down with TaxiLite, just hold it up with your umbrella, stay dry and safe, and be seen up to three blocks away!