Flick your "Bic"! Use TaxiLite at concerts and parties! No "one-time-use" glow sticks, TaxiLite has replaceable batteries!

(TaxiLite also has a very loud whistle, but we don't want the kids to know about that!)


Dealers Wanted!

TaxiLite is perfect for hardware stores, running shoe stores, pet stores, bike shops, newspaper stands, convenience stores -- ANYWHERE! Small enough for your counter or easily displayed on a hook by the key ring, turn one on and TaxiLite will sell itself! Drop us an email for more information.

  • TaxiLite is water-resistant AND will work under water! TaxiLite can be used on Dive Flags and Mooring Buoys.
  • TaxiLite is visible from 1/3 of a mile away in almost any kind of weather!
  • TaxiLite has easy to replace button cell batteries and will last a long, long time.
  • TaxiLite comes with a key ring to attach to your keys, zipper pull, backpack, bicycle seat, or just use a safety pin to attach TaxiLite to anything!

Be Seen With TaxiLite!

TaxiLite works just as well in daylight, increasing your visibility on a crowded street. Especially effective in poor weather, TaxiLite‚Äôs bright light shines through rain, sleet, and snow. No need to put your umbrella down with TaxiLite, just hold it up with your umbrella, stay dry and safe, and be seen up to 1/3 of a mile away!

Many Uses for TaxiLite!

Runners, bike riders, dog walkers, highway workers, anyone with a need for safety and visibility at night needs TaxiLite! Visible from 1/3 of a mile away, the bright flashing led will get you seen. 

  • Attach to Halloween Costumes
  • Bike Messengers- Be Seen in traffic!
  • Live in the country? No street lights? Narrow, winding roads, no sidewalks? TaxiLite!
  • Attach to children's clothing for added visibility in the Fall and Winter months
  • Attach to your dog or cat collar
  • Highway workers, flagmen, construction workers, clip TaxiLite to your reflective vest for added visibility! Be seen up to 1/3 of a mile away!